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Case of the Quarter emphasizes on unusual morphology, diagnostic pitfall, rare disease, and educational values. One interesting case with answer will be posted every quarter.

If you want to share a case, you can download the template and submit your manuscript with the following information. Another option is to submit the pertinent information to SDSH and we will provide help in manuscript preparation. (sdsh ~at~

  1. A brief history
  2. Representative morphology
  3. Immunohistochemistry
  4. Other ancillary studies
  5. Contributors' name and contact information
  6. Diagnosis and pertinent discussion.

Please send any comments about prior COQ cases to sdsh ~at~

Cases Contributors Answers
Q1 2015 Thung & Broome Answer
Q2 2015 Fraser, Zhao & Xu Answer
Q3 2015 Rong & Xu Answer
Q4 2015 Rong & Zhao Answer
Q1 2016 Fratoni Answer
Q2 2016 Hodkoff & Xu Answer
Q3 2016 Gomez & Mohtashamian Answer
Q4 2016 Liao & Xu Answer
Q1 2017 Fratoni Answer
Q2 2017 Chai Answer
Q3 2017 Fratoni Answer
Q4 2017

Prior COQ cases
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